Feeling brave (or sufficiently inebriated) and fancy having a go at the local lingo? Look no further than the drinkBarcelona glossary of all things related to eating, drinking and being merry in Barcelona…

una bebida – a drink
una copa de vino tinto – a glass of red wine
una copa de vino blanco – a glass of white wine
una copa de vino rosado – a glass of rosé
una botella de vino - a bottle of wine
vino de la casa – house wine
una cerveza – a beer
una mediana – a bottle of Spanish lager (invariably Estrella, if you fancy a darker, stronger beer try a Voll Damn)
una clara – a shandy (literally, "a light")
una caña – a small draught beer
una pinta – a pint
una jarra – a large german-style tankard of beer
un cubata – a spirit plus mixer (word of warning/top tip – one of these babies is about four times as strong as its English counterpart!)
un chupito – a shot (literally, "a little suck")
un mojito - a popular cocktail made from rum, ice and stinging nettles
una caipirinha – the special brew of the mojito family
un café con leche – a white coffee
un café solo – an espresso
un cortado – an espresso topped up with milk
un café americano – a black coffee
un café descafeinado – a decaf coffee
leche de soja – soy milk (good luck finding this anywhere outside of Starbucks)

el menú del dia – excellent value set lunch menu available in all restaurants and most bars, typically includes a starter, main course, pudding, bread, coffee and wine for around 8-10 euros
un plato combinado – an English-style meal with everything on one plate, cheaper than a menú del dia but doesn’t include drinks, bread, etc, usually costs around 4 to 8 euros, depending on the area, doesn’t get you as stuffed as a menu del dia, but is usually plenty
tapas – small snacky dishes available in most bars, but, unlike in some other parts of Spain, here they do not come free with your beer

un bar – a bar, obviously, but also a coffee shop or café
una discoteca – a club
una fiesta – a party (not necessarily a house party by any means, also refers to street festivals, bank holidays, raves, etc)
un concierto – a gig
un chiringuito – a beach bar

un portero – a bouncer
un camarero – a barman

la cuenta – the bill
nos cobras? – a cooler, more colloquial way of asking for the bill (literally, "will you charge us?")
me cobras? – the lonely drinker’s version of nos cobras?
te apetece ir a tomar algo? – fancy going for a drink?
se puede fumar? – can you smoke in here?

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