★★★ : €€
Carrer de Proven├ža, 505
Metro Sagrada Familia L2, L5 : Encants L2
Hours: Mon-Sun:6.30pm-2.30am
Facebook : Tel. 93 531 2136
This Czech bar is super small, but makes up for that with a really large, welcoming, friendly and relaxed atmosphere and peeps. There's literally only space for four small tables and about the same number of bar stools. It's like someone converted their spare front room into a bar and opened it out for the public. Naturally, the beer selection is Czech with some really tasty dark ales and refreshing brews for all times of the year. Traditional homemade Czech food is also available (check their Facebook page for pictures). All of this at really great prices given the high quality, and because of its size, service is excellent. A good pick for somewhere different or for couples looking for somewhere cozy and intimate.

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