★★★★ : €€€
C/ Manigua 8
Metro Maragall L4, L5 : Congres L5
Mon-Thu: 6pm-11:30pm, Fri/Sat: 6pm-2am, Closed Sunday.
www.2d2dspuma.com : Tel. 65 424 1581
Loosely translated as "Two fingers of foam", this real ale bar offers an extensive selection of bottled beer from its descriptive menu, plus local ales on tap. The bar itself is fairly petite, but since it's away from the center of town, seating is rarely an issue. In addition they have several tables outside in the classic street seating style. Next door to the bar is the shop, which sells a full selection of bottled ales from all around the world, so you can also stock up your cooler with proper beer at affordable prices. Check out their Facebook page for the latest beers and events.

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