Kennedy Irish Sailing Club

★★★ : €€€€€
Moll de Mestral 26-28, Port Olympic
Metro Ciutadella / Vila OlĂ­mpica L4
Tel. 93 221 0039
Down by the two towers on the waterfront of Port Olympic lies Kennedy Irish Sailing Club, a classic tourist's pub amongst the high-energy clubs that line the Moll de Mestral. Kennedy is a large pub, with polished wood finishes, high tables and stools, and nautical memorabilia adorning the walls. The ceiling of the main room is covered with a huge map of the Emerald Isle, while in the back corner a small stage provides a platform for local bands to belt out crowd-pleasing covers of rock, indie and pop tunes – a change from banging techno and house of the Mestral strip. Four plasma screens and two giant projectors show all major sports events and most of the crowd here will have their heads turned to the large TV's when there's football action. During summer an expansive terrace provides outside, sun-drenched seating overlooking the boats in the Port Olympic harbour. Due to its location, Kennedy is a favourite with the English speaking holiday crowd and the ambience is fun and lively as you might expect.


bstpLaces2trvel said...

It is great to have a fun at sailing club and then watch sport event on big screens.

Tim Houghton said...

After believing the exaggerated reports on the merits of Kennedy’s Irish Sailing Club, “5 big screens for big sports events”, we trekked out from La Rambla to watch the Rugby League Grand Final. We bought two overpriced beers and pleaded with the uninterested bar staff, to let us have one screen for the final.
The chap responsible explained that there were only two channels available, and these were in use.
There were four screens, two showing Iceland football, being watched by four people, and two showing Australian rugby, which kept re-booting, to the dismay of three viewers, who decided that this was too much to take and vanished.
We arrived back in La Rambla and found O'Hara's Irish Pub on Carrer de Ferran, which was bouncing, with Leeds and Wigan supporters, and watched the last twenty minutes of the final.
After the crowds had dispersed, we were asked several times, whether there was anything special we would like to watch. The day after, the same friendly interest was demonstrated.
What a difference from that appalling place, ‘Kennedy’s Irish Sailing Club’. Never again will I believe the hype spouted by such establishments.

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