★★★ : €€€€€
Torrent d'en Vidalet 37
Metro Joanic L4 : Fontana L3
www.elephanta.cat : Tel. 932 376 906
Love gin & tonics? If you're downtown near Pla├ža Espanya, Xix is recommended; but when in Gracia, Elephanta is the place to head to. Specialising in offering over 36 different gins with various flavour hints: spiced, apple, mandarin, etc. - even rose petal, the Elephanta is a G&T shrine. They also serve a full compliment of cocktails and you can still get a draft beer if that's what you need. At first it's surprising how small the bar is - even the chairs, tables and stools that are curiously low, but perfectably comfortable. In keeping with it's welcoming bohemian atmosphere, there are occasional art exhibitions, film screenings and even live music - though how everyone squeezes in is a miracle! Elephanta is petite and popular - charming and chilled out - a perfect start or end to an intimate evening.

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