★★★★★ : €€€€
C/ d'En Quitana 6
Metro Liceu L3 : Jaume I L4
Tel. 93 270 1852
This Dutch and Peruvian owned lounge is located right off of Ferran and the Ramblas, making it easy to find from any central location. If you're looking for a place to have a quiet, intimate drink and dinner with that special someone, then this is a beautiful space. It has two floors: on the lower there's a bar as you enter and then an arch that leads to a seating area. On the upper floor there are some small tables with stools and wooden chairs. The bar and restaurant has a comfortable, relaxed but trendy vibe and that atmosphere makes it a popular favourite amongst a mixed crowd of locals and ex-pats. One Q-Bar specialty is the 'Qosmopolitan' - their version of a Cosmo. There's also Heineken and Amstel on draft. Everything is subdued, sensual and dark - surprisingly intimate given its very central location. Q-Bar is a perfect place to lounge and relax with a group of friends, or to get closer to that new squeeze!

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