Dunnes Irish Bar

★★★★ : €€€€
Via Laietana 19
Metro Jaume I L4
www.dunnesirishbar.com : Tel. 93 268 9917
Dunnes is a relatively new, spacious Irish sports bar / pub in the center of town on Via Laientana - literally only a stones throw away from the Jaume I metro. The pub is well laid out with two bars and plenty of seating - all done in a brick and wood decor with the building's steel beams giving it a slightly different look. It's nice to see the owners haven't gone overboard on the Irish pub theme, with just a single comedy signpost with directions to Derry, Dublin & Donegal. Non-smokers especially will enjoy the high ceilings and decent air-con that keeps the place fresh and cool. The young mixed crowd gives the bar a lively, but not intimidating atmosphere - mostly tourists, but with some local suits in the week. There are plenty of wide screen TVs strategically placed for sport fans, plus a projection screen (one slight niggle though: the projector doesn't seem to show wide screen correctly - chopping off the action at the edges) Prices for drinks are what you'd expect in town - not cheap, but not outrageous either. As for food, check out their website for a full menu - the burgers and stew are recommended.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tip on this Barcelona Irish bar. Really well decked out and the food was gastro delicious. Will be back next time whenever that might be as I truly love the city of Barcelona!

DrinkBCN said...

I want back to watch Liverpool vs Newcastle recently and they seem to have sorted out the projector.

Anonymous said...

The staff need to learn to serve customers instead of talking to each other

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