Bar Avesta

★★★ : €€
C/ Marquet 2
Metro Jaume I L4 : Barceloneta L4 : Tel. 93 310 7374
It's probably fair to say that Zoroastrian themed bars are few and far between, but one can be found in the streets of El Gotico in Barcelona. Bar Avesta is a snug little place with a wine cellar like ambience. The bar is small but super cool, with a rustic atmosphere and good, quiet vibes. This is a great place for couples, but best avoided by large groups or anyone over 6' tall. The beamed ceilings are very low, but this does add to the feeling that you're stepping back in time to a more antique era. Ask to see the chupitos menu and enjoy a grand selection of interesting, quality shots - none of your cheap tequila or ouzo here - and at €1.50 a pop they are an affordable way to get your evening jump-started! The famous "leche de pantera" is also available here - a drink of milk, gin, rum, Cointreau, peppermint and cinnamon that is lethally strong.

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