The Shamrock

★★★ : €€€
C/ Tallers 72
Metro Universitat L1, L2 : Catalunya L1, L3
Hours: Mon/Wed 6pm-2.30am, Tue/Thu 9.30am-2.30am, Fri 9.30am-3am, Sat/Sun 11.30am-3am
Tel. 93 412 4636
There are many Irish pubs in Barcelona - most seem to have settled on C/Ferran - but like all popular holiday destinations, the best places are usually to be found tucked away and slightly hidden from the casual tourist's view. So it is with The Shamrock - not as large as The George Payne, nor as central as The Temple Bar, but friendly and they serve a good pint of Guinness. Less plastic than some pubs these days, this place will suit you if you like your drinking establishments to be down to earth - i.e. in the business of selling decent drinks in a conducive atmosphere, rather than attempting to be an entertainment center. Now, that said, no pub would be complete without the ability to show all the usual sporting fare - and the Shamrock excels in this regard with a large projection TV for footy, rugby, Gaelic & American football. Darts and pool are available for those who want to participate as well as spectate. There's good pub food available too, with English & Irish breakfasts, burgers, steak & kidney pies, sandwiches, etc. The Shamrock is a small and friendly place that's popular, but not overly so - you can normally find a place to relax with your friends - but be certain to double check the byzantine opening times. In short, worth checking out and could become a favourite if it's your kind of place.

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