The Pink Elephant

★★★★ : €€€
C/ Villarroel 82
Metro Urgell L1 : Tel. 935 024 825
Zero Zero and I stumbled across this superior establishment whilst seeking new inspiration in and around the Eixample Izquierda barrio, to the west of Pla├ža Catalunya. Whilst 7Sins and Belchica are both good picks for this area, we decided to see what else was around. The Pink Elephant is really a high quality restaurant, but it also has a lounge area with a full wine and cocktail menu. Owned by a New Yorker and Catalan, it apparently opened in 2008, and has been very tastefully done, with an elegant decor and an eclectic mix of music playing softly in the background. Although the lounge and restaurant are clearly aimed at the classier end of the market, the staff were perfectly friendly, accommodating and attentive, which helps one marinate in the pleasant surroundings. In addition, the drinks were of high quality and not outrageously priced. This lounge is not really suitable for groups though - it's a setting that's perfect for romantic couples or drinks / dinners with close friends. Check the rather good website for full cocktail and menu list, plus plenty of pictures of the interior.

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PS: The Pink Elephant also has its own Facebook group. Try this rather inelegant URL: - all the info you could ever need via FB.

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