Las Cuevas del Sorte

★★★★★ : €€€€
C/Gignas 2
Metro Barceloneta L4, L3
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The cute wooden door leads to... a beautiful den of soft lights, great cocktails and of course, a cave! Started and run by Jack, a very friendly American, and his wife - they wanted a great place with great cocktails and the right atmosphere - and they did it. Mostly redone by Jack himself, it boasts a small upstairs bar and a larger bar downstairs in the main cave. This could be Gaudi's basement, with blue glass tile all along one wall and curved shapes wherever possible. The selection of cocktails is excellent and perfect for groups of 4/5 people, and this bar can always accommodate more. Halloween is a big event here, with all the clients and staff turning up in dress and a free shot for you if you join them! Little details really make it special: place mats are deck cards, candles on the wall, etc. It's just an eternal favourite amongst anyone who has ever been there.

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