★★★★ : €€€€€
Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes, 603
Metro Passeig De Gràcia L2, L3, L4
www.obamabcn.com : Tel. 93 301 6524
Obama-mania has reached Barcelona at last! If you needed to do a double-check on this pub's name, then join the club. I couldn't decide whether to be impressed with the pure chutzpah of whoever named and themed this pub, or to be appalled at the cringingly obvious connection between the first black American president and British colonial rule in Africa. Talk about walking a tightrope of white, middle class, liberal guilt! It's surely not meant to be intentional, right? Well, anyway, the bar itself is surprisingly spacious, given its compact corner location. There are three levels: the first is the walk-in street level, facing the main bar; this is followed by a slightly raised seating area as you move further back which has its own smaller bar; finally, there's an additional cosy and intimate seating area upstairs. It's fair to say that the pub is themed to within an inch of its life! The walls are covered with faux pictures of scenes, maps and characters from the Great British Empire - all nice and interesting, but with an authenticity score of exactly nil. The affect is also somewhat spoilt by the inclusion on pretty much each wall of a flat screen TV. The clash of old empire memorabilia with modern media is jarring to say the least. That said, the decor is so overdone that it's actually rather awe inspiring, in a "My god, I can't believe someone has actually done this!" kind of way. One big plus, in my book at least, is the bar's location - it's just to the north of Plaça Catalunya, right next to the Passeig De Gràcia metro and so is really convenient, yet away from the usually packed out tourist pubs that are directly off Las Ramblas. As with all pubs in the center of town, drinks aren't cheap, but for a visit to such a (unintentionally?) controversial pub is surely worth the price! I still just can't quite believe it exists!

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DrinkBCN said...

On reflection, I really should give this bar 5 x €'s for price. A pint of Guinness costs €6 - outrageous, even for it's location!

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