★★★ : €€
Metro Diagonal L3, L5 : Fontana L3
Tel. 627 526 404
Kimera is the classic cheap, scruffy, hole-in-the-wall bar that is favoured by locals and youngsters on a budget. Small, dark and smokey, this bar is tucked away in the bowels of Gracia and quite hard to find. This is certainly one for hardy ex-pats as opposed to fresh-faced tourists, as a smattering of Catalan is recommended in order to communicate with the bar staff. Still, all the patrons are friendly enough and the beer and food served is cheap and wholesome. Very much favoured by the young, helmet wielding moto crowd, the bar has plenty of vibe and conversation. Music was modern reggae and pop, interspersed with rock classics. There are stools at the bar and the classic marble tables & chairs as you delve further into the back into the place. There's art on the deep red walls, but this isn't a fancy-schmancy cocktail bar - this is a bar to drink beer at cheap prices before heading off to more salubrious locations, but I for one enjoyed it!

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