★★★★ : €€€€€
C/Rocafort 19
Metro Poble Sec L3
Cool bars in this neighbourhood? Surely nobody comes to this area for a good imbibing? Well you'd be wrong if you checked out this rather wonderful find! Situated nice and close to the metro this place is stylish, beautifully kitted out and provides a fab range of cocktails. A bar for local peeps and the more curious ex-pat (include myself in that category) that oozes nice decor, good music and actually feels like if you picked it up, popped it in your pocket and dropped it into El Borne it wouldn't be out of place. Of course the universe being what it is there is a 'catch' and that'd be the prices which are likely to suck dry your wallet if you're not careful! Standard beers are a hefty price, sitting at over 3 Euros however you get what you pay for in a bar like this and to be fair the cocktails are well priced. The building itself is particularly old and rustic-ish and the inside although not big has adequate seating space - if not you might find a place at the bar. The staff are friendly and take making cocktails seriously so if you fancy going somewhere special in the neighbourhood you won't go wrong here! Too expensive for alcoholics but recommended for the rest of us when we want a little more than a drink and a stool to park on!
N.B Fans of Gin will want to check out their website for some expert advice!


Paul said...

Nice bar, but 3.20 a beer is too rich for my blood!

H said...

This bar is famous for its Gin&Tonics, and have a complete G&T menu with a wide variety of this seemingly simple drink, mixing different Gins with different ingredients such as cucumbers (really refreshing!!) and forest berries. Watching the bartenders carefully preparing each drink makes it worth every penny and cent(Each coctail will set you back around €7).
Across Rocafort you have the place where Adrian Ferra's brother cooks up great tapas and other dishes to a mixed crowd of locals and Barcelona semi-VIPs.
A perfect date combo would consist of going to that restaurant first, then snuggling up around a GT under the dim lighting at Xix afterwards...

Anonymous said...

We went here while waiting for a seat at Inopia, the aforementioned tapas restaurant across the street. We were so impressed by the G&Ts, we went back after dinner for more (perhaps a few too many). Not cheap, I agree, but a fair price for some high quality and generously portioned cocktails.

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