Treinta y siete grados

★★★★ : €€€€
Avinguda de Roma 114
Metro Hospital Clinic L2
Tel. +34 653 088 948
It's not every day in Barcelona that you find a bar which is stylish, spacious and soundproofed. Well, the day we discovered Treinta y siete grados was clearly no ordinary day. Compared to its local rivals, it's not as cheap as Mama's (pronounced "Mama! Ooo-oo-oooh!" to the tune of Bohemian Rhapsody), nor as lady-friendly (oh yeah, you know what I'm trying to say) as Mini USA, nor as easy to pull in as the nearby brothel. Treinta y siete grados nevertheless has its own charms, namely live music (hence the soundproofing), comfy English pub style seats and alcoholic drinks which you can pay for at the bar and then drink while sitting down and chatting to people you know. When they're not hosting live bands, they show football and other sports on a reasonably massive projector. Bars here in Barcelona tend to be long and narrow, as opposed to being wide and squarish like most bars back in the UK, therefore the most oustanding aspect of this pub is simply its spaciousness, something that we continued to remark upon way beyond the point at which it stopped being interesting, relevant or profound. This bar is probably way too far off the beaten track for tourists, but people who live nearby should give it a shot. If the mention of "Avinguda de Roma" doesn't make you go, "Avin' a what, mate?" then this bar could be right up your alley.

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