★★★★ : €€€
C/ Muntaner, 7
Metro Universitat L1, L2
www.7sinsbar.com : Tel. 93 453 6445
This centrally located bar seems to have a bit of a split personality, but that ends up making the place all the more interesting. At street level there is an open, uncluttered space with simple dining tables for couples and a central U-shaped bar, over which hangs a huge chandelier. The lighting is bright, but not severe and there is a flat screen TV for sports. Music was classic pop, funk and soul at an unobtrusive level. The downstairs bar offers a darker, burlesque and more intimate atmosphere with an area of vaulted ceilings and sumptuous chesterfield sofas, that lend a VIP air to the club / music room (see website for live music). The bar appears to attract a relaxed, younger international crowd, with a sprinkling of ex-pats due to the pints of Guinness and Heineken on tap. 7Sins would seem to be a good bet for casual drinks with a few friends - but the layout isn't conducive for large groups, unless you're going to head downstairs for a gig. Outside street tables & chairs of the classic silver aluminium variety are available for pavement dining and drinking. Good quality food is available: salads/starters from €7, burgers from €9, main dishes from €11. There's a fine selection of beers, wines & spirits at reasonable prices: good value bottled beer at €2.50 / €3, and pints at €4.50, yet oddly expensive cocktails at €8. Tea, coffee and soft drinks are also available and are reasonably priced. The staff were all friendly, and many spoke enough english for this lazy ex-pat!

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Andy said...

7Sins shows the big La Liga and Champions League matches downstairs on a screen projector, but the atmosphere didn't really seem to work - too many brick columns in the way!

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