Rita Rouge

★★★★ : €€€
Pla├ža de la Gardunya
Metro Liceu L3
Tel. 934813686
Quite possibly one of the longest bars I've seen in Barcelona, this is a happening place for those with a bulging wallet in search of a touch of class. Think of modern dining, kitsch furnishings, artisan inspired cocktails and super cool music and you're half-way there. Rita Rouge has lots of nooks and crannies to park your alcohol sodden corpse in and a lengthy bar if you find that all of the seating has been monopolised by smooching couples in search of romance. There is also a terrace for those warmer BCN nights and fairly friendly staff. Unfortunately I was unable to sample the food here but judging by the faces of the diners (and my own quick gander at the menu), I'd say that I'm sure it would more than live up to even the snobbiest of culinary-expert wannabe's! Drinks are surprisingly well priced although I suspect that an entire night of 'wining & dining' could put a strain on your meagre finances!

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