★★★ : €€€
C/Guillermo Tell 23-25
Metro Fontana L3
Fascinating Fact: in Spanish, the word "bar" can mean both "pub" and also "coffee shop", and it's under the cover of this dubious linguistic ambiguity that I'm going to attempt to squeeze unnoticed into our bar guide a place which is quite flagrantly a coffee shop, not a venue for late night drunken debauchery at all. I'm going to justify this off-topic choice on two grounds: first of all, it's right by my flat, and anybody who thinks this isn't a good reason to review a bar should check out the disproportionately large number of bars we have covered in the Plaza EspaƱa area - no prizes for guessing where ZeroZero lives! ; ) Secondly, it is the only place that I'm aware of outside Starbucks that serves my favourite coffee variant, the frappuccino, which has all the benefits of a cool drink with an added caffeine boost! Of course, you can also drink alcohol in here just as you can in any bar in this great country of wonderfully relaxed drinking laws. They also have a tasty and reasonably healthy food menu with pasta, tapas, bikinis (if you don't know what these are, let's just say that they're not as good as they sound), etc. It's a nice place for lunch, elevenses, a morning coffee, or even an intercambio, a bit like DosMilTres in fact, but without the racy art.


Anonymous said...

What's an intercambio? Please explain! Good review though, thanks

Paul said...

An intercambio is a language exchange where a foreigner who wants to learn Spanish gets together for a drink with a Spaniard who wants to improve their English. So a bar that's good for an intercambio is one which isn't too noisy or rowdy, since you might struggle to understand each other otherwise. They can be a good way to improve your language skills, but I wouldn't recommend them to anyone with a low tolerance for small talk.

Anonymous said...

I love this place. I work near there and the food is fantastic (if you just want to have a little something to eat!). In the evening it gets quite nice, too. The waiters and waitresses are also very nice, specially if they see you there often.

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