: €€€€€
C/Providencia 50
Metro Fontana L3
The major selling point of this trashfest was always the sexy barmaid clad in a Tron style outfit. Sadly those halcyon days are over and there's not much left to recommend Continental. It's one of the worst places to play pool, although not quite as bad as the Bristol Blue, where the craters in the wall testify to the frustrations of playing pool in a shoebox. The decor is reminiscent of Nos Vemos and Distrito Cinco and not, as they say, in a good way. At weekends there is a DJ who pumps out a musical selection which veers chaotically between "so bad it's good" and, more often, "so bad it's bad". I once saw a group of young Catalans do the hokey cokey here, a sight I would not wish on anyone. If you lack taste and have more money than sense, I can heartily recommend this overpriced dive.


Karma said...

LOL - perfect review! Yeah, this bar isn't that spacious to begin with, but the owners decided to dump a pool table right in there anyway, just so that both pool players and regular punters are guarenteed to get increasingly frustrated by the lack of space and continuous interruptions. No Sweat is a far superior bar + pool experience.

Zita said...

Interesting to know.

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