St.Pau 68

★★★★ : €€€
C/ de Sant Pau 68
Metro Liceu L3
Hmm, how to write up this one? On paper it's an average bar but I've really enjoyed my sojourns here! I guess it's because this bar makes no claims to being anything else than what it is! That's to say it's a lively, slightly scummy, yet appealing bar in the Raval area. Music is loud and upbeat enough to add a little 'pep' to your night and there's plenty of room to sit at the - quite frankly forgettable yet functional tables and chairs. Space itself is a-plenty including an adequately sized bar with stools area. Not a bar I can recommend for any particular reason except that I've always enjoyed coming here and never fail to feel like I'm in a typical yet above average bar in the more gentrified part of La Raval!

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