It Cafe

★★★★ : €€€
C/Joaquin Costa 4
Metro Liceu L3
Tel. 934430341
If you are wandering aimlessly (i.e. drunkenly!) through the lively and sparsely lit streets of the Raval and need somewhere to park your weary posterior, this place should please your desire to sit in comfort and quaff a reasonably priced beverage. Although this bar looks slightly menacing from the outside (in keeping with the street folk that inhabit this area), it's in fact rather cosy inside, pleasant and spacious. The genius of this bar is that the actual bar area is not overly big and this leaves a huge amount of space for the plethora of (possibly self-copulating) sofas that will give the lesser explored regions of your body a well-deserved rest. The music here is very good - in line with the ambience of 'slightly upmarket but not overly pretentious' and thus it is a pretty laid-back bar perfect for tanking up in before you go off disco dancing somewhere more upbeat! I'll see you there lurking in the depths of the cushions!

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