Sidecar (Factory Club)

★★★ : €€€€
Pl.Reial 7
Metro Liceu L3 : Drassanes L3 : Tel. 93302 586
Reviewing this place is rather hard as Sidecar offers such a variety of events that it's difficult for me to give you a succinct summary. Basically though this is a bar/music venue with everything from live music to anti-karaoke! The particular night that I went was the latter of these and I must confess that I really didn't enjoy it at all! I found it extremely rammed with people, noisy (I guess that was to be expected really) and once I had lost my friends it was nigh-on impossible to re-group again! However being the well balanced human being I am, I would say that I thought that his place could be really great, depending on what event you go to. The bar itself was pleasant enough - although there was a little jostling going on for service so stand your ground and although there was a 7 euro entrance fee that includes a free drink, I had to pay extra for a mixer! Whilst there I surveyed a few random (and coincidentally rather attractive local girls) and didn't get much positive feedback from them either. All and all I would still recommend this place if you want to go to somewhere more interesting than 'just' a bar although checking out their website is probably a good idea as the events may or may not tickle your fancy. NB: I'd be interested in some comments on this one as I'm sure my review doesn't give this place the justice is deserves!

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