★★★ : €€€
C/ del Progr├ęs, 38
Metro Diagonal L3
A bar for rockers and fans of 'live' music with a surprisingly large back room where you'll find local bands playing. When you enter, it seems like a typically claustrophobic Gracian bar. The bar space is small with a dozen or so stools that line the bar itself and there's a TV playing classic rock gigs. The walls too are plastered with pictures of just about everyone famous you can think of that has made an impact on non-electronic music in the last few decades. As is usual in this area, an assortment of typical cocktails are served here and due to lack of space at the front it's very smokey (which in fact adds atmosphere and creates a slightly surreal ambience to add to the rock mix!) All-in-all, it's a great place to escape the multitude of slightly snobbier, cocktail bars in Gracia and to think there isn't a projector to be seen here!

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