Lennox (Paddy's Lane)

★★★ : €€€€
PlĂ  del Palau
Metro Barceloneta L4
Website : Facebook : Tel: 93 268 8556
In the unlikely (well, let's say hypothetical) event that a psychiatrist, in the midst of a word association game, were to say the name of this bar to me, I would probably instinctively blurt out "boring" or "dull" or perhaps even "meh", such is the crude nature of the subconscious. My conscious mind, however, would surely strive to be much more kind and point out the few good points that this otherwise bog-standard pub possesses. First of all, it's pretty much the only Irish pub in central Born so it has a local monopoly on Guinness, cider and Irish music. Secondly, it's one of the few Irish pubs in town with an outdoor terrace - and in these sweltering summer months what could be more appealing than a lovely pint of refreshing cider al fresco? Third, the terrace is situated in a square overlooked by a proud building which is the spitting image of the Hill Valley clock tower in Back To The Future, which to me is a bonus, albeit a slight one. If these three dynamite factors are not enough to have you right now hailing a cab in Paddy's Lane's direction, there is yet a fourth reason: the pub is next door to a terrific Italian restaurant called Al Passatore, which compensates for its occasionally dopey staff with great value Italian grub. In fact, if it's lunchtime, why go to Paddy's Lane and pay 5 euros for one beer, when you could pay slightly more at Al Passatore and have two glasses of wine, a starter, a main course, a dessert, a basket of bread and a coffee. You do the math.

Update 2017: Now part of the "Lennox" pubs (the other is on C/Ferran, opposite "My Bar" & "Temple Bar")

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ZeroZero said...

Yeah I've been to this pub and it's overpriced and I have nothing worthy to say about it!

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