De Copas

★★ : €€€
C/Bruniquer, 65
Metro Joanic L4
OK, so some reviews are easier to write than others as sometimes you wander into a bar and immediately get a feeling of either 'I'm digging the vibes here!' or 'this place sucks!'. In this case I had neither of those sensations, more of a 'this place isn't bad but nor is it anything special!'. At first glance your eyeballs are assaulted by the neon, American style decor and once they've adjusted to the light settings, you'll find yourself sitting at the bar wondering if you've ever witnessed such a plethora of Coca cola memorabilia in your life. Anyway we can probably say in conclusion that its general theme is that of trying to mimic a rather stagnant stereotype of a typical American bar! To back up this claim, there's a pinball machine, Budweiser on tap, and inflatable bottles of various beers hanging from the ceiling. The best thing however is the Pool room which has plenty of space to manipulate your cue and also a foosball table if you tire of that.
The music here wasn't too bad, a mixture of 90s and R'n'B and the general impression I got from this place is that it's a bar for local 20-30 year olds - probably single or at least open minded enough to be seeking a superior replacement for their disintegrating current love affair! All in all it's a pleasant enough place but not really much in comparison to the Mecca of arty and street furnish inspired bars that are spreading through Gracia like a virus!

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