La Bolsa

★★★★ : €€€€€
C/Tuset 17
Metro Gracia : FGC
Tel. 932 022 635
This is not a gay bar called "The Handbag", but rather a lively disco-pub based on the same pricing gimmick as the mega-popular Dow Jones. "La Bolsa" means "the stock exchange" in Spanish (as well as handbag), and instead of having a fixed price list, the cost of drinks fluctuates by the minute. Of course, when I say "fluctuates", I mean on a spectrum ranging from normal to expensive to extortionate. Last time I was there, a pint of Guinness cost a mighty six euros. To put that in perspective, that's the same cost as 12 litres of Don Simon table wine or two thirds of a slap-up menu del dia. Having said that, it's a great pub to go to at the weekend, with a young friendly crowd and there are plenty of attractive women (the chick/dick ratio is about 50-50, which is about as good as a straight guy can usually hope for). For what looks like a pub, it's actually quite clubby with a DJ and a small dancefloor in the back, so this sets it slightly apart from the Dow Jones which is more of a football and dry-roasted peanuts kind of pub. Good luck finding the loo in the dark when you're steaming as it's cunningly disguised in a way that I can´t really describe, so cunning is its disguise. Nevertheless, nice pub!

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