★★★★ : €€€
C/Botella, 7
Metro Sant Antoni L2
A great bar, with a great name - nestled in the darker depths of the city's Sant Antoni neighbourhood. Despite its name this isn't a place for old geezers looking for some hot grannies to boogie with, but a bar that places its musical emphasis on the 50's and 60's. This place has a great ambience: mixed between those who wanna rhythmically swing their hips at an attempt at some kind of sexual signalling to those who just want to drink, chat and soak up the down-to-earth yet low voltage electric atmosphere that oozes through the masonry of this rather unusual bar. You could do much worse than spend an evening here with friends, peers or anyone else that you manage to procure during your drunken wanderings! A bar for real people who like some 'old-school' spiciness mixed in to a good evenings imbibing! Oh, and by the way there is no entrance fee.

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