★★ : €€€
C/ Avinyo, 26
Metro Liceu L3
Hours: Mon-Thu: 3pm - Midnight, Fri/Sat: 1pm - 1am, Sun: 1pm - Midnight
Facebook : Tel. 93 301 0422
A bar that is for those who like low lighting, chandeliers, good Asian food and excellent cocktails! Siddartha is really a fusion of bar and restaurant but the distinction doesn't make it a place you can't pop into without having to fulfil any gastronomic expectations. One thing I particularly liked was the lower parts of this abode which has candle lit wooden tables and makes you feel like you're somewhere a little bit unique and special. Whilst there we sampled the house-made cocktails and I have to admit that they were rather good. Music wise, this place has nothing special beyond an erratic mix of 'world music' but this is completely in-tune with the ambiance of this place. Prices were not particularly cheap here but you're paying for the atmosphere and uniqueness of your surroundings and like all good things in life, you get what you pay for. This is not a bar to go in for a heavy drinking session with the 'lads' but a good place to go for a chat, some strong drinks and an interesting somewhat 'East meets West' experience!

Update 2018 - Well, seems from our comments that Siddartha is a place for ambiance & cocktails only - don't try the food! Other reviews online seem to suggest that main dishes and service can be somewhat hit & miss, so Siddartha is maybe best saved for a single stop whilst bar hopping in the center of town.


Anonymous said...

A little bit worse than mediocre...Paella with frozen vegetables, less than fresh seafood, weak drinks.

But is probably somebody's price point...

Anonymous said...

A restaurant that I cannot recommend to anyone. First of all the staff was incompetent. They were more eager to watch World Cup in the bar than serve the customers. We ordered a bottle of red house wine. The cork of the first bottle broke to pieces and the waiter brought another. The cork of the new bottle broke as well but he just left the bottle there and didn't wait that one of us tastes it - as usually is the custom - but hurried to watch football. Chef was using microwave to warm up some parts of our dinner. Cheff had to come and bring us the food as the waiter continued watching football - after which chef disappeared to watch football. My friend had a vegetable pizza that looked and tasted like a frozen pizza that you can buy from a supermarket. I had a steak with chips. The pepper sauce tasted like cream without any spices. The steak was as hard as a horse's saddle and inedible. The staff continued to stay missing so I had to eat chips as unfortunately was so hungry. When the waiter finally came back, I complained about the steak. He disappeared without commenting again for 10 minutes and we had to ask for the bill twice. There was no discount or anything in the bill, and I ask about it from the waiter offering to pay for the chips and whatever I paid but not for the steak as it was inedible. He brought a new bill with my dinner deducted. After a while he came back saying that I should pay 4 euros more for the chips. I said ok, no problem. Then he started to complain that I have to pay as I ate the chips. I was again I said ok but I want a bill for that. He disappeared for 15 minutes watching football after which we decided to leave. When we passed him he said I don't have to pay. Needless to say we won't be going back EVER!

Anonymous said...

Really horrible food !!!!! Patatas bravas were really cold, the little fried fish was disgustingly fishy, in fact all the tapas we ordered were terrible, we couldn't eat more than a few bites without wanting to throw up!

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