Tinta Roja

★★★★ : €€€€
C/Creu dels Molers,17
Metro Poble Sec L3
www.tintaroja.net : Tel. 934433243
Following the arty vibes of Poble Sec, this fab and funky bar assaults the senses with a spectrum of colours and a sprinkling of all that is Latin American. One of the hugest bars I know - not just in Poble Sec but in all of our fine city, this is a bar for those who appreciate everything from secluded nooks & crannies, romanticising a betrothed, to guys like me who like space to stretch my weary legs. With the initial bar area (non-smoking) meandering into a second smokey back room for plays, Salsa dances and private parties, this bar offers large doses of potentially dangerous quantities of fun! Cocktails are also a speciality here and although some might call the decor a little gaudy, others might say its bright and cheerful - kind of like a rainbow that got shredded in the washing machine. A highly recommended bar.

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