Try Line

★★ : €€€
C/Diputació, 36
Metro Espanya / Tarragona L3 : Rocafort L1
Tel. 933255192
Although I have given this bar only a two-star rating, it's really not too bad. The problem is that there is nothing special I can say about it, and is often the case in Barcelona, there are always better bars lurking around the next corner. However, if you out-and-about in the area, this place isn't too bad if you fancy a quick drink or two. The overall decor is better than average and there's some music to add a little flavour. Prices are also cheaper than bars in the 'posher' parts of the city and it does do food to eat-in or takeaway and there is plenty of space to sit! All in all, not a great bar that I can recommend but it's average qualities are not necessarily a bad thing!

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