★★★★ : €€€
C/ Avinyo, 35
Metro Liceu L3
Hours: Sun-Thu: 6pm-2:30am, Fri/Sat: 6pm-3am
This bar was opened by the local well known musician, Manu Chao. This quite possible explains two things about this abode. One, it is eclectic - it has musical instruments on the walls and ceilings (which are usable with permission from the bar staff) and two, it's very down-to-earth bohemian! Assaulting you with a lively and loud ambience, this is a great place to go and liven up your night if you're wandering around the shady streets of the Goticó. Despite the obvious presence of drug dealers, prostitutes and other 'entrepreneurs of the night' this area oozes with character and is in fact not as dangerous as it seems. Although I can't give any overwhelming reason to visit this bar, if you are in the city centre and fancy somewhere with a little more 'joie de vivre', you could do worse than dropping in here. If you do pop in for a drink or three and it's 'not your cup of tea', at least you can say you've been to Manu Chao's drinking den (and you might just get a chance to see him)!

Update 2018 - Still going strong, this reggae bohemian bar is a good choice if you're deep in the Goticó barrio.


Anonymous said...

We were strolling around Barcelona on a Saturday night, relatively early and went into Sincopa for a drink because it seemed chill and they were playing reggae. Inside we realized it was packed, you couldn’t even move, the service was non-existent, and suddenly a crazy woman started pushing us around and when my boyfriend told her to calm down she stabbed him with a pen she had in her hand, making him bleed!!!! Worse even, the owner did nothing about it and acted as if nothing had happened, letting the woman stay since she was obviously a regular and she was also obviously in a very serious withdrawal of drugs. There are a million cool bars in Barcelona, please avoid this dark, dirty hole in the wall. It’s just not worth it.

Anonymous said...

Belen, you've flagged up one of the problems with this area in general in that there are a number of dodgy characters around here! All I can say is normally it's an OK part of town as long as you just keep your wits around you a little more than usual! Sorry to hear of your plight though and thanks for the comment!

Anonymous said...

Avoid this horrible place if you are not into was said, there are a million better places to go in this wonderful city

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