★★★★ : €€€
C/Valencia, 166
Metro Hospital Clinic L5
Minusa is a strange bar but in a good way! The best I can say about it is that it's the closest to a genuine pub without trying to be. Whilst perched on a bar stool I felt like I could have been in a typically cool bar in the centre of London. Maybe this was because unlike virtually every bar in Barcelona, this place actually cares about music and fortunately so do I! They have a DJ who early on in the night who plays Indie/Alternative tunes and later - once the bar really hots up and packs out some rather cool dance beats. Prices are normal for BCN although you could find cheaper in this neighbourhood. However, it's definitely worth paying a little bit more for the great decor, fantastic furnishings (armchairs and the like) and of course the music. This is the kind of pub that you pop in for a quick drink and find yourself glued to your seat until the sad demise that is closing time. More, more, more like this please. Check out their website for live music info!


ZeroZero said...

If you check out their website they have a good image gallery where you can see how funky this place is!

Paul said...

Just when I thought this place couldn´t get any better, the DJ played Spandau Ballet´s "Only When You Leave" - an inspired choice and a great bar!

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