Los Alamos

★★ : €€
C/Escudelles 12
Metro Liceu/Drassanes L3
There's not much to say about this long, dark, L-shaped hole-in-the-wall bar. It's purely functional rather than inspirational, but the bar staff were friendly and the beers were cheap. It's a bare-bones type of place that'll suit anyone on a budget who likes to sit and prop up the bar. If you dislike the gentrified bars in the center of town that change 30% more just for subtle lighting then this is a place for you. There's standard bar music that leans towards rock - hardly controversial, but not offensive either. If you're looking to escape the expensive fake irish pubs that are rammed with anglo tourists, then you might poke your head in here and take a look, but it's unlikely to capture you for more than one or two cheap drinks.

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ZeroZero said...

Christ! After reading your review & seeing that picture card! EEek, am feeling nauseas!

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