De Deus

★★★★ : €€€
C/Torrent de L'Olla 89
Metro Fontana L3 : Joanic L4 : Gracia : FGC
Gracia is alleged to have the largest number of bars per square metre than anywhere else in the world, although admittedly this allegation tends to be made by those who are in the process of drinking their own bodyweight in caipirinhas. This bohemian barrio is light on cool places in which to dance the night away post 3am, but heavy on cosy, slightly pretentious cocktail bars. Gracia may not really have more bars for its size than anywhere else in the world, but it can surely boast Barcelona's densest concentration of film projectors. However, amongst the cocktail bars, old man's cafes and English pubs, there evidently remains a gap in the market for those who like to while away their Wednesday nights drinking artesian cocktails surrounded by fantastical art while watching a local magician perform his dark art before leaving with take-away coffees. If that´s what you´re been craving in a bar, then congratulations, your niche has finally been catered for. Apart from the regular Wednesday night magic shenanigans, this is a pretty conventional bar, but it's a certainly better than the average Gracia drinking pit. When we paid a visit recently, the music was a funky mix of indie and electroclash, which stood out from the bland fare played in many Barna bars. This is also one of the few bars in Barcelona that has got the lighting right, rejecting the horrors of strip lighting in favour of a smattering of candles and a superbly tacky mirrorball suspended above the bar. With a similar vibe to other Gracia favourites like El Otro and Cine Bar, this is a pretty good place to start your night out in Gracia, and, being on bar-heavy Torrent de L'olla, you won't have to stagger very far to find the next bar to prop up.


ZeroZero said...

Love this place too! I hate to say it but...'a hidden gem!' LOL

Ecoled said...

I agree, this place is awesome!

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