★★★★ : €€
C/Montcada 22
Metro Jaume I L4
Tel. 933197003
Fancy a bit of 'old skool' Catalan quaffing of cava? If so, this is the place to go! To call this place 'functional' would be an understatement but despite its lack of interesting or in fact remarkable furnishings, this bar is great if you really want a truly local experience. Music is non-existent and the lighting like a basic living room in an old flat. However the charm of this place is its 'down-to-earth' simplicity in that it does exactly what's said on the box! It provides excellent local, basic cuisine in the form of hams and cheeses and ridiculously well priced and even better tasting cava. Besides this, there really isn't much else to say as you'll either warm to its fundamental charm or perhaps find it a bit too brightly lit and busy to get into the groove. In my case, I can honestly say that it's a fantastic place to liven up your night and will definitely get you into the spirit of real Barcelona. You can almost imagine this lovely old place full of the intelligentsia, discussing politics or citing the next philosophical theories during Franco's era of repression or you can forget the past and celebrate the present in this wonderful old traditional drinking den a stones throw away from the famous Picasso museum. The choice is yours!


Paul said...

This place oozes character and it´s a very cheap way to get drunk, hence it´s also full of Catalans, which gives it a very authentic feel. The food is good too!

Anonymous said...

Love this place!

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