La Cigale

★★★★ : €€€
C/ Tordera 50
Metro Joanic L4 : Verdaguer L4, L5
Hours: Mon-Thu: 6pm - 2am, Fri-Sat: 6pm - 3am, Sun: 6pm - 2am
Facebook : Tel. 934 57 58 23
Apparently the name of this bar is of French origin, although in Catalan it means something rather ruder! Still this is one of a family of bars in Gracia that do their very best to give you a good mix of chilled, yet at the same time not dull atmospheres. Although this is fairly similar to its sister bar 'La Fourmi', (literally around the corner) there are some important differences that make this place stand out and perhaps make it worth its own visit. Where it differs is in its much more eclectic food menu and size. On first entering you might wonder whether or not you'd even attempt to swing a kitten (never mind a full blown moggy!) in the initial bar area - but I'll tell you a secret - there's a huge, wonderful low-lit upstairs with sofas, armchairs and room to swing a tiger! The music here is also nice and subtle, enough so that you can have a decent conversation and of course (in parallel with its siblings) it has the usual range of beers, wines, spirits and cocktails. Those of you who are cider hunters will also not be disappointed. Back downstairs, the bar is of average proportions and there are plenty of stools in case you are unlucky enough to not get a nice table. Like most cocktail type bars in this neighbourhood, there's a projector, but I'm pleased to say it's fairly low key and hardly a distraction unless you want it to be. (People on blind dates take note!) All in all, a surprisingly good all-round bar with enough to please even the fussiest of punters and nicely hidden away from the busier parts of Gracia. For me, the icing on the cake has to be the food menu, and as we found out last night, all of the staff speak English very well. For this reason you have no excuses not to check this hidden 'tardis' of a bar out when on one of your next drunken odyssey!


Craig said...

Access for People with Disabilities

There are about 8 steps to get down into this bar. If you do decide to go for it once inside the downstairs part of the bar is arranged so that it's on two levels with 1 step to the upper level.

WC's: Not good, take a large legbag.....


Anonymous said...

I love this place!! we usually go to hace some beers or nachos :) said...

I just arrived from Paris and was very supprised to find this amazing place. Good food, coktails and abordable prices !

A must try !

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