★★★ : €€€
C/Entenca, 85
Metro Rocafort L1 : Placa Espanya / Tarragona L3
Tel. 646458993
If you happen to be in this rather less touristy and 'cool' part of town and fancy a drink, this place isn't at all bad. Positing itself as a kind of American bar with neon signs, confederate flags and an on the whole bikers feel, you might find yourself too intimidated to step in. However don't fret as I found this place very friendly, reasonably priced and although my ears witnessed some rock tunes, they also played some rather more jazzy and soulful numbers. As bars go, this place is not really anything special, but it is a surprisingly laid-back kind of place and offers a pool table to boot! All in all, one of the better, more interesting places to drink, chat and play pool in this down-to-earth neighbourhood.


Anonymous said...

It´s an awkward place to play pool due to the walls getting in the way.

Paul said...

For some inexplicable reason, the pool table has been replaced by a foosball table - the fools!

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