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C/ Escudellers, 33
Metro Liceu / Drassanes L3
Barcelona has some good bars, great bars and then this place! Absolutely awful in my opinion. Positioning itself as a bar/restaurant, it has the worst decor known to mankind since the Big Bang. Ambiance is tacky along with the appalling furnishings. I refuse to give any more information on the location and how to find this place as if I were you (or anyone else with an active brain cell) I'd avoid it like the plague. Don't say I didn't warn you!

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Karma said...

Why the propriators think that dusty 1970's plasic figurines of the very animals that might be on your plate would enhance the dining experience is beyond me. As ZeroZero says, this is a dull, even grim bar. This is one of those places that is in a good location, but desperately needs a complete re-modelling.

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