La Fourmi

★★★★ : €€€
C/Mila i Fontanals 60
Metro Joanic L4
This is one of my new faves in Gracia. Basically it's a cocktail bar on the lines of St Germain et al but the difference here is it's much less pretentious. Street inspired (or actual street) furniture make this is a small and yet warm bar to idle the night away. Sporting classic film posters, a simple and functional snack menu and a nice lack of TVs, projectors and all of the other gadgets that seem to be clogging up bars these days, this is the place to come to philosophise and 'put the world to rights'. Of course if your brain cells are shutting down after a hard day's slog you can always come here to assist them further with a range of cocktails (Happy hour until 10pm) and soak up the tranquil yet not soporific atmosphere that gracefully embraces this bar. If you are lucky you might get to meet the infamous DrinkBarcelona trio as a double bonus!


Craig said...

Access for People with Disablilities:

Front door has a width of about 70cm.

Once inside difficult to negociate between the tables and chairs although the clientele are normally happy to get out of the way and rearrange furniture.

High bar, but gap where staff go in and out provides a useful place to sit and block until they notice.

WC's: Don't even think about it if you're a wheelchair user. Very narrow and two doors to get through before you actually reach the WC.


Anonymous said...


I used to go to this bar all the time, one of my favs in Gracia so I took my Dad there when he visited, but the waitress, who is often there (blonde girl) was so so so rude to us to the point where we got up and left. I also have had bad experiences with the guy who works there in the evenings, he seems to have something stuck up his arse. So, I havent been back and dont plan to, shame as its a nice place


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