★★★★ : €€€€€
C/ Rec, 67
Metro Jaume I / Barceloneta L4
Hours: Mon-Thu: 5pm - 3am, Fri-Sun: 3pm - 3am
Facebook : Tel. 932 68 46 23
This cocktail establishment is laced with a plethora of stools, high-backed chairs, and plenty of shiny chrome abounds. It's a great bar and surprisingly large for this neighbourhood. What's most striking though is the d├ęcor which definitely lives up to this bar's title. Huge chandeliers and antique (yet surprisingly comfy seats) make this a place for those who want to drink in style. The usual array of cocktails can be found here, plus wine and cava (catalan champagne) at pretty reasonable but not cheap prices. The music is loud and enjoyable enough to add an extra spice to your night's drinking session and overall I am happy to say it's a bar with joie de vivre that can be returned to again and again, whether for a chat with a friend, to impress a local chick (or two) or just to chill out in after a hard day's mooching on the beach.

Update 2018 - Barroc is sensory overload in cocktail bar form. It's flash, loud, funky and pulls in a young, chic crowd. Note that prices for drinks increase for the evening when the place gets really busy. There is an outside terrace area with table service for those summer nights. A good choice for pre-clubbing cocktails.


Paul said...

Along with No Sweat, this is rapidly becoming a current fave! Spacious, nice ambience and a free campari always goes down a treat!

Anonymous said...

I went in there one quiet afternoon with some friends, to have a quick drink - and got tempted to have a cake as well.

We ended up ordering Sachertorte, that scrumptious Austrian chocolate delicacy, but instead got served a moldy, old bizcocho with chocolate flavour. Never going there again.

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