Princesa 23

★★★★ : €€€€
C/Princesa 23
Metro Jaume I L4 : Tel. 933190472
A bar - aptly named after the street it inhabits - to suit those of us who like a little bit of class whilst quaffing our beverages. I was pleasantly surprised when entering to be greeted in English and given a choice of not only whether to eat or focus primarily on necking some drinks, but if I required a smoking or non-smoking area. A nice touch and not particularly common in this neck of the woods. I was also further pleasantly surprised by the array of drink choices, everything from the usual beers and cocktails (which were artisan by their very nature!) to cider. On parking my butt at the clean and spacious bar area, I was further impressed by a quick gander at the decor. To be honest there are no 'novelties' in this bar but it's definitely well thought out and (I hate to coin this adjective!) nice! Finally, I opened my ears - ready to feel disappointed by the usual, illogically chosen and out of place tunes that amateur proprietors shove hastily into their CD players - only to find them pleasantly caressed by some mellow, yet up-beat tracks that believe it or not you might find in an English bar! All in all then, if I were to summarise this bar I'd say, "Great". For those concerned that despite my unusually optimistic diatribe, I've only given this four stars, I'd like to say to them 'check your wallet on your way home!'


DrinkBCN said...

A return visit to this bar recently left us less than impressed. Unfortunately, because this bar is slap-bang in the middle of tourist-ville, the male door staff here have an aggressive, abusive attitude once the bar becomes busy and they don't want to let more people in. If they say it's full (even if it clearly isn't) then best to just head somewhere else more polite and welcoming.

Paul said...

The service in this place sucks and I´ve gone off it quite a lot. There is also a Princesa 23 beach bar which I visited once and the barman knocked my entire beer all over me - not impressed.

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