Distrito Cinco

★★★ : €€€€€
C/Vallirana, 30
Metro Lesseps L3 : Fontana L3 : Gracia FGC
Tel. 93 237 4827
Just outside bohemian Gracia in swanky St Gervasi, this spacious bar offers a broad mainstream appeal that is virtually non-existent in Gracia, Barcelona's most alternative area. Distrito Cinco is probably too far uptown for most holidaymakers and day-trippers to bother with, but it is worth checking out for those living in Gracia who fancy something a bit different but don't want to travel too far. It also pulls off the nifty trick of rolling into one the pre-club bar, the pool den and the café with outdoor terrace, making it suitable for many different moods and occasions. It is rather too expensive for heavy drinking sessions, but you could find much worse places to play pool and the little square outside is very charming and quiet, making the terrace a great place to sip a cheeky afternoon beer. The décor and music might be a bit tacky for some tastes and do keep a tight grip on your wallet, but otherwise this is a cool place to hang out.

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