Travel Bar

★★★ : €€
C/Boqueria 27
Metro Liceu L3 : Jaume I L4 : Facebook : Tel. +34 93 342 5252
This haven for backpackers in the heart of the old city closely resembles one of its patrons: friendly, practical and dishevelled. It is likely to polarize opinion more than most bars as it is heavily tailored to the needs of travellers. The advantages of this approach include wi-fi internet access, a busy mix of gregarious punters to mingle with and ultra-cheap dinners every night at 8pm for those on a shoestring budget. The downside, especially for us affluent residents, is that it does feel rather more like a busy train station cafe than a cosy pub. The choice of beers on tap is limited to one, San Miguel, and the service can be a bit terse. The bar is redeemed somewhat by the nice terrace outside one of the two entrances and indeed your first impression of this bar may vary according to which side you approach it from. Ultimately, the name tells you all you need to know about this place. Travellers should flock here in droves, locals and residents should probably go elsewhere.


Anonymous said...

they do 1 euro meals and that sums up the quality of the place.

their beer was cheap but then again so is urine not much difference in the taste really.

Bob said...

there's was this long haired spanish bloke that touched my girlfriends ass, later i was to find out he was the owner of the establishment!! i wont go back!!!

Anonymous said...

after being forced into taking a flyer for this world famous bar by someone who obviously likes to sleep in strange outdoor areas and enjoys pissing in his own clothes i stupidly decided to check out this world famous pub. why they advertise this as world famous is beyond my imagination as it looks like any other den for hippy riff raff to hang out. i had my wallet stolen and was advised by the blatently gay manager who was checking me out that it is a comman occurance in this bar.
please dont go there i will pay you not to go

Anonymous said...

had a great time. really friendly and informative staff, wicked atmosphere. the 1 euro meals cant be beat

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