★★ : €€€
Passeig del Born 34
Metro Jaume I L4
Tel. 933195087
I was intrigued by the etymology of the name of this bar and it means two distinct things which I'll let you cogitate over! One, a worm that infects Windows systems and spreads through network shares. Two, a Creole word for 'a lady of the night' or 'whore' in layman's terms! Either way none of the definitions come remotely close to describing this rather cramped, claustrophobic, stair laden, pleasant death trap of a bar on the well trodden Passeig Del Born. If sweaty, sauna inducing, low ceiling bars with bad service and tuna can conditions appeal to your sense of fun glands then this could be the bar for you. Jam packed with peeps quaffing the usual array of intoxicating liquids, skin-to-skin and bum cheek-to-bum cheek this place will either induce an erotic tingle to your night or a feeling of being an overworked pinball in a badly designed pinball machine. Music isn't offensive - as is to be expected in the bars in this zone and although I've heard positive claims about this bar from other sources citing its historic, romantic overtones, for me it was a highly frustrating experience to spend more than a small amount of time here. A bar that doesn't live up to its name!

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