Cactus Bar

★★★ : €€€
Passeig del Born 30
Metro Jaume I L4
Hours: Mon-Sun: 4pm-2.30am
Facebook : Tel. 933 10 63 54
Sometimes I wonder if there isn't anything else BUT bars in this popular part of town, as yet again I discover another abode competing for locals and tourists in this beautiful, old miniature high street. Unfortunately, the competition in this part of town is extremely high and so although this is a pleasant enough place - small, intimate and fine for a couple of swifties - it doesn't fair as anything special when pitted against the barrage of trendier bars that adorn the neighbourhood. Music however was good, upbeat (in a good way) and prices reasonable, especially as this is a very trendy, bourgeois, bohemian part of the city. Being probably one of the smallest places on the street, space is lacking but well compensated for by the use of stools and clean, uncluttered bar space. All in all, this is a pleasant and mellow enough space to hang for a drink but with the disadvantage of being literally surrounded by the hottest competition in the city. As I said to Paul last night, 'if this bar was in my street, I'd be very happy!' Let's hope the down to earth decor and friendly service can keep the punters rolling in.

Update 2018 - Cactus is worth a visit if you're looking for tasty cocktails - it's not a place for groups looking for space and rounds of beers. If you're lucky enough to walk past and there's an open table on the small terrace then Cactus is a nice place to sit and people watch on the superior Passeig del Born.


Anonymous said...

The queue to enter the Picasso Museum was at least 300 long and not moving in the rain, so we ducked into the Cactus Bar to wait out the downpour. Actually, not inside but we managed to stay dry seated cafe-style outside under an overhang while enjoying the Bar's offerings. It was our only day in Barcelona before embarking on a cruise. It was very nice and the bartender was very friendly.

Anonymous said...

Small but perfectly formed. Great service too.

Anonymous said...

Perfectly situated on a strategic corner of the "passeig del Born", the stylish, fresh and trendy Cactusbar is offering all a customer would need from the morning to the end of the night... One day, I took a delicious breakfast at the terrace and anotherday, I spent all the night (open till 3.AM) sipping at delicious mojitos (the best I ever taste)and listening to the very good selection of music... Decoration, service, food and drink: 10/10.

Anna (Morsels and Musings) said...

good caiprinhas

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