The Black Horse

★★★★★ : €€€
C/Allada Vermell, 16
Metro Jaume I L4 : Tel. 93 268 3338
This is our 70th drinkBarcelona bar review and it's a bit disgraceful that we've left it so long to review this rather excellent and well-loved English pub. Unlike the majority of downtown English and Irish pubs which tend to be full of tanked up tourists seemingly on a mission to give the English a bad name abroad, the Black Horse is a firm ex-pat favourite and, in their words, "has the best atmosphere of respect and tolerance amongst its clientele". I couldn't agree more. It's the sort of place that's easy to forget about or take for granted if you live here for a long time, since while other pubs in the centre are loud, rowdy and attention-grabbing, the Black Horse has a quieter understated charm and is a bit like a homely English village pub abroad. The bar staff are exceptionally friendly, attentive and quick, and perhaps it is no coincidence that this is one of the few bars in Barcelona which attracts proper regulars. While there is no pool table or food menu (if you're hankering after a fry-up or roast dinner, you should visit the Philharmonic, which makes up for its many shortcomings with a superb choice of English food), this pub offers virtually everything else you could hope for. There's darts, playstation, chess, cards, football (it's a comfy place to watch matches although in this plasma era, the TVs are on the small side), a semi-legendary pub quiz every Sunday at 8pm, intercambios every Friday at 8pm, free copies of the many Barcelona English magazines, a corkboard festooned with handy classified adverts and an outdoor terrace. The Black Horse is not glitzy or glamorous; there are no dancing girls, arty film projectors (thank god) or pounding techno music. This is an English pub through and through, so it will inevitably divide people into lovers and haters much like that classic ex-pat staple marmite. I'm going to give it 5 stars, not because it's necessarily one of the best bars in town, although for many it undoubtedly is, but simply because it's the best bar of its kind. English pubs in Barcelona don't come any better than this.


Carlos said...

Great info. Nice design but most of all helpful. Thanks for the link. I will link back cause I like the place :)

Tom said...

Yeah ditto. Nice site, and thanks for the link. Much reciprocated.

ZeroZero said...

Fantastic place to sit outside during the warmer summer nights!
Friendly staff too!

Anonymous said...

Yes, it is a good (not) atmosphere if you wish to get a stalker. Totally, be careful of who you fraternise with there!
Signed: Gaynor Evelyn Sweeney

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