★★★★ : €€€€
Consell de Cent, 255
Metro Universitat L1, L2 : Hospital Clinic L5
This classy bar, orientated towards a rather gay and masculine clientele, is the right place to go to if you want to warm up for a long club night in the “Gayxample” - THE gay district of Barcelona. The crowd is good looking and the long corridor that runs alongside the bar makes you feel like you're walking down a catwalk. The interior is very stylish and the coolness of both the décor and the “queer folk” does justice to the ice-cool blond teutonic actress that the bar is named after. There are glamorous live shows every night starting at 1am featuring strippers, drag queens, lip-syncing singers, trapeze artists and acrobats. There is also a dance floor where you can dance to chart hits and a rather campy music selection
Klaus Nummer Fünf

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Rako said...

This place has really went downhill in the past few years. I would recommend Z:eltes, but don't go before 12.

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