No Sweat

★★★★ : €€€
C/Vic 19
Metro Fontana L3 : Gracia FGC
Hours: Mon-Sun:7.30pm-2.30am
Website : Facebook : Tel. 934 15 29 56
If your night out begins in Gracia and you fancy stepping the pace up a gear and heading in the direction of the trendier, clubbier and pricier area of Maria Cubi and Aribau, you would do well to stop off at No Sweat along the way. Sandwiched in-between Gran de Gracia and Via Augusta, this bar may not be the biggest or most famous in town, but it is deceptively charming. From the outside it seems small and unremarkable, but like Dr Who's Tardis, once you step inside it's a whole lot bigger. The walls are covered in stylized pictures of iconic movie images, from Marlon Brando to Darth Vader to Audrey Hepburn and far too many from Tarantino films. The bar wraps all the way around from the entrance into the pool section and this place is a particularly good place to prop up the bar. It's also big enough for groups and there's a dartboard, a pool table and a foosball table for when too much booze has rendered meaningful conversation impossible.

Update 2018 - Refurbished and re-styled in 2017, No Sweat still keeps all of its charms and is now a little less rustic and more metropolitan in d├ęcor. Check their Facebook for upcoming events, DJs and football matches to be shown.


Steve said...

They also serve good Italian style Piadinas for a cheap stomach filler.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, the piadinas are amazing! I recommend the "Capri".

Paul said...

Becoming a big fan of this place. I´ve been there a mere handful of times and been given a No Sweat T-shirt and a round of shots for free. A unprecedented level of service for a Spanish bar.

Roger said...

This is the only bar in thrifty Catalonia that freely dispenses a free snack, or tapa, with every drink, which is nice.

Karma said...

No Sweat deserves 4-stars for being a cool bar in every sense of the word. Decent air-con, friendly staff, good food, free mini-tapas with your drink, chilled atmos' and never too rammed!

Anonymous said...

It´s good! but I like another bar, near the No sweat. I can´t remember the name, but it´s a irish one, in Riera de Sant Miquel st.

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