Miss You

★★★ : €€€
C/Bonavista, 6
Metro Fontana L3 : Diagonal L3, L2
This tasteful and excellently named pre-club bar is the kind of place you don't come across very often in Gracia. Whereas most bars in the area are bohemian, cosy and eclectic, Miss You is a much more mainstream affair with snazzy d├ęcor and funky tunes. Consisting of one big (by Gracia's standards, in the UK it would be rather small) room with no little nooks or enclaves to explore, there's no where to run and no where to hide. It somehow pulls off the nifty trick of being both brightly (but not starkly) lit and yet still maintaining the feel of a dark late-night bar. Being situated at the bottom of Gran de Gracia and the top of Passeig de Gracia, it's very easy to find and would make a good final bar stop before heading to nearby "club" Alfa. The only problem with Miss You is that for a self-styled pre-club bar it just doesn't seem to be getting the punters in and as a result it's not quite as happening as it would clearly like to be. Nevertheless, it certainly fills a gap in the Gracia bar scene and is well worth a look.

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DrinkBCN said...

I was here the night we went to review it and although I agree with Paul's comments, I'd like to add that despite the almost graveyard quietness of this place it could have been that we had chosen an unusually quiet night. I'd say it might have more potential than we think, yet again it might just be a case of 'nice decor shame about the rest'!

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