Shenanigans (Quiet Man)

★★★ : €€€
C/ Marqués de Barberà 11
Metro Liceu L3
Website : Facebook : Tel. 93 412 1219
If ever there was a pub that well and truly lives up to its name, it must surely be the Quiet Man (now Shenanigans). A short stroll from the Ramblas into the Raval, this authentic pub is very laid-back and affords you the rare pleasure (or displeasure depending on the quality of the company you keep) of actually hearing every word your drinking buddies splutter. The Quiet Man fulfils its main obligations as a pub by serving cider and Guinness as well as a variety of lagers and bitters and showing plenty of mandatory football matches. In the back room there are two pool tables and a foosball table to satisfy those itchy trigger fingers. This pub very much holds its own with the other local pubs and is the perfect place to go if you fancy breaking away from the tourist throng for a few "quiet" ones.

Update 2017: Now given a fresh new lease of life as "Shenanigans" the pub is now trying to live up to its new name. There has definitely been an effort to liven things up and attract a younger, more active crowd. Check their website and facebook pages for upcoming events and promo's.


ZeroZero said...

Went there recently and need to add that they sometimes have live music!

Jared said...

I had a great time there. I'd recommend it to anyone wanting a laid back beer and a chat with a lover.

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